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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Landan Harris who was born in Ohio on August 17, 2003 and passed away on November 16, 2006 at the age of 3. We will remember him forever.


Love you bebe! Made by Mama

Landan was one of the sweetest little boys around, anyone who knew him would tell you that.

I just lost my son Landan, 3 on Nov 16, 2006 to meningococcal meningitis. It was also in his blood stream. He was my only child at the time. Now he's my oldest & a big brother.

Everything started on tuesday November 14th. Landan was acting crabby so my husband (Landans stepfather) put him down for a nap. He only slept about an hour & was still crabby when he got up. He was touching his throat so I asked if his throat hurt and he said yes. He was still acting crabby and tired so I thought he had a cold, I went out to the store and got him some childrens tylonel and motrin. Landan slept in the living room off and on for the rest of the day until I took him to bed in my room around 9:30-10pm. I gave him more motrin at 2am and he woke up at 3am and asked for more juice, then at 6am I woke up, saw his juice was gone, asked if he wanted more and he said yes so I refilled his cup.

At 9am I woke up to find Landan laying on the floor next to my bed covered in, what looked to me, like bruises. I sat up straight in bed and frantically tried to focus my eyes because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought he was dead, I was so afraid to touch him. I called my mom and then 911. When the paramedics arrived they knew he was sick so took him out to the ambulence. We took him to the best hospital in the area. The last thing Landan said to me while we were in the ER before they took him up to the PICU was "Mama hold me" but I couldn't because they needed to get him up to the PICU as soon as they could. We followed him up, and I remember my mom asking the doctor on the way up if he was going to be ok, and he said something like "... he's a very sick little boy ..." We waited in the waiting room down the hall from the PICU for about an hour. Before the doctor came down they sent a chaplin in to talk to us, my mom knew then that he was really sick. The PICU doctor came in shortly and told us Landan had bacterial meningitis and it was a 90% mortality rate.

We were finally allowed in to see Landan. We had to be in almost full scrubs. We had to wear masks, gloves, everything. His left foot was completely purple, his back, and nose as well. His other extremities were very splotchy purple. All this was cause by someone called "DIC" which is where the body bleeds and clots at the same time, because he had septicemia. If Landan would have survived he would have had several amputations and most likely plastic surgery for his nose. But selfishly we would have taken him any way we could just to have him here with us.

Landan fought for 23hrs at the hospital induring three hyperbaric chamber treatments. The treatments were helping to bring back color to the purple areas, because it forces oxygen into the blood and tissues. They said it was a miracle he lasted as long as he did, thats why our hopes here high.

Landans little heart of gold finally couldn't take anymore and he went into cardiac arrest. We watched them doing chest compressions and then the doctor told us he was gone.

It happend so fast. I stepped out of the PICU for a minute to take a phont call & update my friend because his blood pressure had just went back up. My dad & step mom came running out and told me I need to get back into the PICU right away. I asked my dad as we were walking back in what happend and he told me Landans heart had stopped and they were doing chest compressions. Like I said we watched the whole thing, I'll never forget that for the rest of my life. We got to hold Landan for 5hours after he was gone. They finally told us it was time to go, I think they know we would have never left. I dont think anyone is ever ready to say goodbye to their child. Landan died on thursday November 16th

My baby was laid to rest on tues November 21st, which is exactly a month to the day that he was a ring bearer, and walked me down the aisle in my wedding. I still can't believe he's gone (and it's been 10 months at this point.) I wish I would have taken him to the hospital the night before but I thought he just had a cold. I miss him so much and wish I could still recieve his hugs and kisses.

I think Im still in shock. When the doctor told me he was gone I couldn't even cry at that moment. I remember thinking in my head that this can't be real. I didn't cry until I held my bebe in my arms. I feel so alone without him, I just dont know what to do. I prayed everynight that God would take me before Landan. I even prayed the night he first was sick that he would feel better in the morning. Im not really mad at God, but I just dont understand, I unselfishly prayed every night to keep my baby safe. I loved Landan so much! I dont understand why God would take him from a mother that always loved him. Im just frustrated and scared. I just wish I knew how long I will have to suffer in this life without him.

~Landans Mama, Lacey~

Made by Landans mama ... those are his handprints the hospital did for us after Landan passed away.

Landan's Meningitis Angel Friends

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Landan's Angel Friends

*these are but only a few of Landan's good angel friends*
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Hunter Vongphrachanh (2000-2006)
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Lauren Pacenta (1988-2005)
Nevaeh Angel Prince-Fraser (2006)
Landon Tyler Boothe (2007-2008)
Nick Brady (1988-2007)

A Child that loses a parent is an orphan,
A Man who loses his wife is a widower,
A Woman who loses her husband is a widow,
There is no name for a parent that loses a child,
For there is no word to describe the pain.

Landan's little brother has arrived.

Layne Landan-Michael was born:
11/1/08 at 9:26pm 6lbs 8oz 21in
He was 3weeks & 3 days early.
We always thought it was special that Layne's due date was in November. We figured it to be a gift from Landan for us to have something special to celebrate during a month that will always bring us alot of sadness. Even more interesting that Layne was born on All Saints Day/ Dia de los Angelitos. A 24hr time period when our missed infants & children come down to earth to be with their loved ones. We know Landan was with us this day.

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Hello  / Daisy Rey (from mommy to mommy )
In college I was doing a presentation on sepsis, I came across your sons story. Since then it touched my heart, my teacher cried when I turned in my project. That was back in 2009 I still remember his story and it breaks my heart. I felt the need to ...  Continue >>
Joy & Sadness   / Wanda DeVisser (just someone who happened on the site )
Lacey, I can't imagine how you must feel. But I know that God loves you and he loves Landan. Our loved ones are but a gift given for a short time. You obviously cherished every minute of every day with your little boy. He is beautiful and will...  Continue >>
Heartfelt condolonces   / Mummyof1 (None)
I cam across this site and wanted to say what an absolutely beautiful boy and what a fighter too. Gone far too soon to play with the angels. Rest in peace.
I visit Landan often...   / Jessica (Hernandez) Santibanez
Lacey I visit Landan's gravesite often.  My father Joseph Hernandez is buried next to him.  My father was a wonderful man who was loved by many.  He always put his family first.  He loved not only his 5 daughters and 11 grandc...  Continue >>
just a thought   / Anna Gonzalez (none)
i dont know any of his family or him but this boy is a blessing out of all the videos i watched about little children leaving us landan has touched me god bless him and mayhe watch over you his mom. i was watchin the video of him singing and it brang...  Continue >>
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His legacy
My psychic experience 3/3/07  
Ok I wanted to share the psychic experience my mom & I had today & write it down so I could remember as many details as possible.

When I first sat down she asked if their was anything I wanted to focus on. I said no (Because if I was going to get anything from Landan I wanted it to be because he wanted to show through) 

So she told me to shuffle the tarot cards & pick 20 of them.

While she was laying all the cards out she said that the first she she picked up on was confussion from me.

She told me differant things about myself, that I am reluctand to do things & Im not very spontaneous. That I'm just getting by money wise. And that sometmes I dont like to do things for fear of being critisized & that their is travel in my future.

She also asked if I was married & did a anniversary just pass or is coming I told her yes it had just passed.

And then she was looking at a card & thinking....she said "Do you have a child?" and I didn't say anything & she said "A little boy" and that he was "not here but he was close by" and then I told her yes I did have had a little boy. 

She was then telling me that he did pass over but he was still here with me.....and he choose not to come back right away to earth. And he's still close by because he's not ready to let go yet. But he's not earth bound! And she said please not to let any other psychics tell me he's earth bound because he's not.

I asked her if he was scared when he passed away.....she said he was scared for about 3 seconds & that he was showing her he was scared at first when he stopped breathing. And he went to the light right away & he was showing her that he was flying through the stars. 

I asked her if their was anyone with him....and she asked if it made sense that their was a man with a fishing pole & we told her yes. So were thinking that could have been my moms uncle....he was a big fisher.

She said he was their to greet Landan when he passed & told him what happend.

She asked me if I dreamed about him...and I told her once. And she said he wants to know if it's ok for him to come in your dreams & come around you, because he doesn't want to scare you....and I said yes. Which makes sense because the dream I had about him was .... I was walking into my bedroom & I saw him & I fell to the floor & started screaming for my husband & when I got up Landan was hidding over by the side of the bed.

I also asked her if he had any message for me....and she said "to know thier isn't anything you could have done" and she asked me if I believed that in my heart.....I told her....ya sometimes I feel like I couldnt have done anything.

I asked her if he knew what was going on when he was sick because when I woke up I had found him sick.....and she said no ....he was kind of in a stuper, he didn't really understand what was going on. And asked if it made sense that when he was in the hospital he was in & out. Which was true because he was in & out because they wre giving him sedatives. And he didn't like all the tubes & things he was hooked up to.

She asked my mom what was special about her cookies....he was telling her they were chocolate chip...but differant. My mom thinks he was talking about her M&M cookies because he used to always eat the M&Ms out of them first.

She said he said I was a good mommy (this goes along with the message)

And I asked her if he knew I loved him....and she said yes & he's hoping that I know he loved me too!! *tears*


She said this is what Landan chose...and he's ok with it, he's happy.

I asked her if I was going to have anymore children....and she said yes in a few years.....and none of them would die. My mom told her I was afraid I wouldn't love them like I loved Landan. And thats when I told her I just felt like I lost my soul mate in Landan. She said once I felt that life growing inside me I would be able to love them.

She also said he was showing her jumping on the bed which made my mom & I laugh because he loved to jump on the bed! Anyones bed! So that too look for the sheets to be wrinkled up on the beds (lol I came home & straighted his sheets out lol)

The biggest thing I think was right before we were getting ready to leave my mom showed her a picture of Landan from my wedding when he was in his little white tux...and she said....oh he's in a blue shirt now....and she was thinking & motioning up in down infront of her chest trying to tell us what character was on his chest....and she's a sponge....a sponge with legs....Spongebob. That was sooo amazing to us! Landan LOVED spongebob & was buried in a blue spongebob PJ shirt with yellow sleeves! 

Sooo this was overall so amazing to me. I wanted to know he was ok so bad! She also told me that he may come back in one of my other children so I can spoil him again! (I spoild that little boy so much!)

So thats everything I can remember right now. I will edit this if I think of more! 
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